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Tile Sealing & Restoration with REXSHIELD

Are you thinking about a commercial tile restoration project? While tile is a durable material with many positive attributes it has certain characteristics which require specialized maintenance and cleaning.

It is commonly thought that tile is not porous, and while this is mostly true it is still not an impenetrable substrate. This is particularly the case in bathrooms and locker rooms where various acids and other contaminants can stain and degrade the surface of the tile. The grout that is placed between tiles is particularly subject to degradation given its cementitious make-up. As discussed in other sections of this website, cementitious materials are quite porous and have capillaries through which odor causing bacteria, water, mildew and other foreign substances can enter. Therefore, both tile and grout are subject to breakdown and many of the cleaning methods used on tile accelerate this life-shortening effect. In addition, tile color can fade over time and slip-resistance can also degrade with continued traffic.

Prestige Grout is an authorized and trained applicator for RexShield Tile Sealing. This process is designed to close the pores in grout and tile so that there is no place for odor causing substances to become embedded. RexShield penetrates down into the grout and tile creating a dense matrix. It also creates a glass-like film on the outer surface that prevents mold, mildew and odor causing bacteria to adhere. This also makes it easy to clean because rather than using enzymes, baking soda, vinegar and other common grout cleaning chemicals a simple cleaner such as a pH neutral cleaner can be used. This allows you to use a kid-friendly and non-toxic cleaner that will effectively and easily remove any surface contamination.

When properly applied and maintained RexPro warrants our RexShield products for a period of 5 years against yellowing, delamination and premature wear.

Other Commercial Services​

  • Hotel & senior living unit maintenance.
  • Maintenance for property managers and associations.
  • Commercial kitchen regrouting.
  • Commercial kitchen degreasing.
  • Broken tile replacement / trip hazards.
  • Lobby marble, tile and grout cleaning.
  • Bathroom marble, tile and grout cleaning.
  • Granite floor polishing.
  • Swimming pool cleaning & restoration.
  • Pool & fountain efflorescence & calcium deposit removal.
  • Condo marble entryway refinishing.
  • Marble stair restoration and repair.
  • Plus much more….

Hard surfaces in commercial properties can suffer wear and tear when exposed to heavy foot traffic, spills and chemical cleaners. Prestige Grouts commercial services are top of the line and effective in any setting. Most commercial environments, such as hotels, office buildings, hospitals, restaurants, schools, etc., are subjected to heavy daily wear and tear. Over time this leads to the deterioration of the surfaces. Dirty grout lines in a public restroom, for instance, are not only unsightly and unappealing; they can harbor mold and mildew, posing a health hazard for the users. Prestige can fully restore any damage, sanitize the environment and leave any surface pristine and spotless, ensuring your commercial setting is always attractive and safe for your customers. We work thoroughly and quickly to ensure the best results possible. Prestige performs work around the customers convenience whether at night, early morning or weekends. We work around the clock for you.

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