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Slate Terracotta & Terrazzo Restoration

Refinish & Revive your surfaces back to brand new and protect them for years to come!

Slate Restoration

Typically you will find slate in the entrance of your home or in a shower and Terracotta throughout the floors of your home. These floors are easy to maintain by applying multiple layers of a specialized finish to protect the very soft surface. Left unfinished they can lead to fine layers chipping away and eventually becoming very hard to repair.

After awhile the finish will become embedded with dirt and the once evenly finished surface will become very dull and have a lot of wear.

Our process starts by first protecting all of the surround surfaces, then we will strip the old finish completely off of the surface down to bare stone or clay. Once we get down to the stone or clay, we can then clean it thoroughly. At this time we can also clean and repair any grouted areas that are in need.

Once stripped and cleaned from all waxes we can then start to apply the proper finish to protect your investment for years to come. Sometimes anywhere form 2-10 coats are needed to completely protect the surface. At this point cleaning becomes very easy and your floors look like they once did many years ago.

In some areas like showers you will also see a lot of slate. We do not recommend a finish be applied to these areas but instead a color enhancement and sealing would be required. This will protect the stone from water damage for a limited time.

Terrazzo Cleaning and Refinishing

Beautiful terrazzo floors are often waxed, leading to a scratchy looking surface. Prestige utilizes a process that actually removes the wax and leaves your terrazzo surfaces looking natural and new so that you have a maintenance free surface.

We utilize a specific 5 step diamond refinishing process and a polishing process to bring on the natural shine of the terrazzo without waxes. This makes it easier to maintain and never have to strip or coat ever again. We then seal the terrazzo with a very specific stone soap with visible sealing results.

In the case of any repairs we will source stone as close as possible to the original color and fill the damaged areas, grind them flat and then continue to the refinishing process.

We are experts at Terrazzo Refinishing and have been servicing in this field for many years.

Here are a few of the services we offer.

Slate, Terracotta & Terrazzo

  • Cleaning
  • Sealing
  • Stripping
  • Refinishing
  • Color enhancing
  • Slate shower cleaning
  • Slate finishing

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