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Tile Installation in Schaumburg and Greater Chicagoland Area

Shower Leaking and New Tile Installation

Leak Repair

Is your shower leaking into your ceiling downstairs? Perhaps it is leaking to an outside bathroom or closet wall? We have the solution. Prestige has been fixing poorly installed showers for decades. The issue typically lies in how the pan liner was installed previously. A lot of tilers will rush the shower pan and not install it properly or even skip the waterproofing part of building a shower.

Prestige can redo your shower base or entire shower and install a new custom liner and pan that will not leak with a 100% guarantee. We can also retile the entire shower from scratch to insure proper waterproofing.


When Prestige is contracted to do a new install or demo an old install and turn it into something you will love for years, we make sure to address not only the current issues with the substrate but also issues that could form years later. Tiling is as much about preventative measures as it is doing a beautiful job. Because of this Prestige uses top of the line materials such as strata mat underlayment crack prevention membranes, durable waterproofing membranes & specialized epoxy grouts and sealants. See below for a list of services we offer:

  • Bathroom floors
  • Showers
  • Backsplashes
  • Kitchen floors
  • Outdoor Porches
  • Fireplaces
  • And More…

Why Choose Prestige For Your Next Tiling Job?

  • We level everything from the substrate to the tile itself.
  • We install on a properly prepped surface insuring no to extremely little tile lippage.
  • We make sure there is adequate mortar coverage on the backs of every tile.
  • We utilize the proper membranes for future performance.
  • We make our tile cuts to fit snug and tight so there are no unsightly grout lines.
  • We use grouts that do not stain.
  • We have been tiling for decades.